Zoomobile Preschool Programs

These interactive classes specially designed for young children to develop a love and understanding of wildlife.

Zoos for Twos  (Age 2)
Have a small part of the Zoo come to you. Toddlers will safely experience the Zoo in your classroom by meeting classroom animals, listening to a story and singing a song. With a provided activity, the students can remember their zoorific day.

Furry Friends (Ages 3-5)
Discover furry animals in this gentle introduction to the wonderful world of mammals.

Color Zoo (Ages 3-5)
Journey through a rainbow of colors in the animal kingdom as children discover the many patterns and shades in the natural world.

Zoo Moves (Ages 3-5)
Animals can move in ways people can only dream of moving - birds soar above the treetops and monkeys swing from branch to branch. Learn how gorillas knuckle-walk, snakes slither and rabbits hop in this fun-filled exploration of animal movement.

Super Senses (Ages 3-5)
We will find out how animals use their special senses to help them survive and compare their senses to our own.