Which pet is right for you? Part of the - "It's Your Story, Tell It!" World of Girls Badge Activity Set, this badge gives girls a chance to learn what it takes to be a responsible pet parent. Girls will also learn how we take care of our animals here at the Zoo and even get a chance to help out with some of our education animal ambassadors.

armadillo2 w/kids


From marching ants to floating butterflies, there is an amazing variety of insects in the world. Take a closer look at some of these invertebrates while earning the Legacy Naturalist Badge. Girls will watch bugs in action and take home a buggy craft to share what they have learned with family and friends.


Zoo Member policy for Scout programs:
Scouts that are Zoo Members have to pay for their program, but if their family is accompanying them as extra adults/children, family members should not be included in your numbers and should use the Members Gates.