Cub Scout Programs

Tiger Program
Take a walk on the wild side while you participate in four Tiger Electives (4, 21, 42, and 47).

Wolf Program
Litter and other forms of pollution have become problems in daily life.  Join us as we focus on Achievement #7 and learn the importance of recycling, saving energy, and cleaning up our environment.

Bear Program
Learn how humans coexist with wildlife as we begin Achievement #5. Create a poster demonstrating knowledge of your favorite animal. Make a birdfeeder to hang by your home. Play a game that teaches about endangered and extinct species. Tour the Tropical Forest Complex and learn how the Zoo cares for endangered species.

Webelo Program
Begin an adventure at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium by starting your Naturalist Activity Badge. Learn how animals survive dramatic weather changes in Pennsylvania. Discover Pennsylvania's toxic plants and animals. Put your observation skills to the test in our Windows to Conservation classroom. Observe wildlife on tour in the Worlds of Discovery.