Field Trip Day

  • School/groups visiting the Zoo must have proper adult supervision and a ratio of at least one adult for every 10 students, although one for every five is recommended.
  • Be sure that supervisors/chaperones accompany all groups, regardless of age, at all times. Damage to Zoo property or inappropriate behavior (playing on escalators, climbing Zoo exhibits, disobeying signs, etc.) by individuals in a group may result in eviction of the entire group from Zoo grounds. Schools/groups will be held liable for damage or injury resulting from unruly behavior.  Student groups Grades 6-11 will be mailed a visitation agreement regarding behavior and chaperone guidelines. This form must be signed by the principal prior to the trip date.
  • Be sure to inform your chaperones of the goals for your visit.
  • Be sure all students are wearing name tags. Tags should identify the school/group name and phone number with which they are visiting.
  • Wristbands must be in place before arrival.
  • A greeter (seasonal) will meet your bus and direct you to the appropriate location when you arrive. Be ready to provide the exact number of people in your group.