Grades 1-3

Education Class with Owl

Pennsylvania Pride
This class introduces students to the wonderful variety of wildlife that lives in Pennsylvania. The students will focus on animals found in their own backyards and learn that conservation begins at home!

Polar Quest
Discover how polar bears, walruses, and sea otters survive in their frigid ocean habitats by exploring their unique adaptations.

Working Wild!
Find out what it is like to work at the Zoo. Through small group rotations and live animal visits, your students will explore what Zookeepers, Zoo Veterinarians and the Zoo Director all do for the Zoo.

It's a Jungle Out There
Students are invited on a special journey into the world's tropical rainforests. Emphasis is on both the rainforest as a habitat and on what life is like for the animals that live there.

Coral Critters
From the tiniest of crustaceans to the ocean's top predator, a vast array of animals depend on coral reefs for essential resources. Students will investigate how coral animals build a reef and the amazing and unique animals that call the reef home. This program takes place in the PPG Aquarium.

African Adventures
Discover how the circle of life applies to the creatures that live in the African savanna.

Penguin Pals
(Available September through April Only)
What is it about penguins that make them so fascinating? Come study these amazing animals as they swim, dive, and waddle through their Zoo home. This program takes place in the PPG Aquarium.