Recycled Desk Organizer

To make a Recycled Desk Organizer, you will need the following:


    * Cereal box
    * Construction paper
    * Pencil
    * Glue or tape
    * Scissors
    * Markers or stickers

    * Measure 4 inches from each end of box and mark with pencil
    * Use a ruler to draw diagonal line from marks
    * Cut along the lines. This should give you two equal halves
    * Using construction paper wrap the box and secure with tape or glue
    * Use markers or stickers to decorate

Pencil Holder


    * Clean, empty soup can
    * Tape
    * Scissors
    * Construction paper
    * Markers or colored pencils


    * Trace soup can onto construction paper leaving a 3/4 to 1 inch piece at top of paper
    * Wrap paper around can and secure with tape
    * Fold overlap into can to cover edge and secure with tape
    * Decorate with markers or stickers