Tiger Bank

To make a Tiger Bank, use the following:


    * Toilet Paper or paper towel tubes
    * Cardboard boxes
    * Cardboard pieces
    * Masking tape
    * One inch strips of newspaper
    * Paper Mache-Mix equal parts of flour and water until it reaches a pancake butter-like consistency
    * Orange, black, and white paint

For Tiger:

    * Tape closed a cardboard box
    * Use masking tape to attach toilet paper tubes to bottom of box (legs), a cardboard piece to back of the box (tail), and cardboard piece to the front (head)
    * Dip newspaper strips in paper mache mix and smooth over box
    * Continue until you have 2 to 3 layers of newspaper covering the entire box
    * Allow to dry completely (It could take up to 1 to 2 days to completely dry)
    * Paint as desired
    * Cut small hole in the top to insert money