Marine Mammal Keeper

Responsibilities/ Duties:
• Observes the animals for disease, injuries, unusual behavior, pregnancy, etc. and reports observations to curator or assistant curator;
• Requests, stores, prepares and distributes animal food and water in a timely manner;
• Notifies curator of food materials or supplies to be ordered,
• Maintains and cleans in and around habitat and exhibit quarters, kitchen area, and public space surrounding the exhibits etc.,
• Inspects animal exhibit and habitat perimeters for security;
• Assists in the implementation of the pest control program;
• Monitors life support systems (e.g. filtration water systems, water circulation systems, etc.), maintains appropriate environmental conditions; may make water tests and regulate temperatures, etc.;
• Makes minor repairs and/or refers for permanent repairs; checks locks on cages;
• Assist veterinarian and technicians in animal examination and treatment; performs prescribed medical treatments and procedures;
• May assist in research study procedures and in the collection of data and preparation of reports;
• keeps feeding, breeding, and health records in the required formats and prepares reports as requested or required; catches animals and assists in transferring and transporting;
• May pick up and deliver animals as requested or required;
• Answers questions and conducts tours for educational programs and the general public
• Participates in training programs at the zoo or at remote locations, attends professional conferences and prepares and delivers professional papers or articles.
• May assist in providing training to staff or volunteers as requested,
• Assists the Curatorial personnel in exhibit preparation and horticultural staff with planting exhibits; Collects biological specimens and assists in chemical or physical restraint of animals; performs work in accordance with wildlife regulations;
• Regular cold water scuba diving is required for this position.  

Two years of walrus and/or sea otter experience is required.  This position must have a bachelor’s degree in animal science, biology, chemistry, or related field and 1 year professional experience working with exotic animals; or an associate’s degree in the related sciences and 2 years of professional exotic or domestic animal experience.  In lieu of either degree, an additional two years may be substituted to equal a total of 7 years exotic animal experience.
Employee must become scuba certified within the probationary period.  Dry site scuba certification is required.  
Must have the ability to lift 50 lbs. chest height.  Must be available to work in outdoor conditions, holidays, weekends and occasional evenings.  Valid PA driver’s license is also required.